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5 Features You Definitely Need A Drifty Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Modern backpacks encompass a flurry of features for trendy users.

Being a business person, a traveller, or a student has its own set of requirements. Irrespective of the technical stuff you manage to handle, you can’t keep off from the day-to-day essentials you need for yourself. There’s no fixed template to choose a backpack, but a few prominent features are likely to help your cause when you’re on the “move,” with a positive sense of security.

We have picked 5 must-have features in an anti theft travel backpack for you. You can add some of your suggestions in the comment box too!

1. Protected panels – No one can slice it off! Robust materials stitched with protected panels prevent your bag from being slashed with the help of a knife.

2. Multifunctional design – Style, safety, storage – a multifunctional designed bag lets you score in all aspects wonderfully.

3. Waterproof protection – Bags with waterproofing or water repellent features will keep your expensive belongings like laptop and smartphone safe.

4. USB charging function – Millennials and even common people accept that they can’t live without their smart devices. Thus, USB charging functionality is a prominently helping here.

5. Compartments – A versatile and slick bag carries all essential compartments needed by a user. Whether it is the laptop, water bottle, clothing, or any other paraphernalia, organized storage in these compartments provide complete peace of mind. Hence, you should strive to find these major features.

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